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Qube Real Estate Advisory LLP is the culmination of the visions of a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to create a credible and professional real estate advisory company in a market that has largely been fragmented and disorganized.

Here at Qube Real Estate Advisory LLP we understand that dealing with property, whether it be buying, renting, leasing or selling your land or building can be a stressful and frustrating experience. That’s why we endeavour to ensure that our specialist knowledge of the real estate world will benefit you from start to finish and we will be on hand to assist you at every step of the process. If you are buying a property from us we will help you find your ideal land, one that ticks all the boxes: number of workstations,amenities available and location to name a few. We will then ensure that, after finding you your ideal property, we will take you through the next steps –legalities, finances and commercial loans by recommending you to people that we trust and being on hand to give you advice. We will be at your side right until the very end, inaugrating your new business!! We provide an equally helpful service to homeowners looking to rent out their properties and will give you our expert advice throughout the whole process. For those looking to sell their property, Qube Real Estate Advisory LLP will assist you in both efficiently putting the property on the market and in quickly finding a suitable buyer – at the right price, of course.


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Virtual walkthroughs

From the comfort of your home or office , you can reach through every corner of the property through the click of the mouse.

Detailed floor plans

Qube Real also provides you with an option to view the detailed floor plans so you know the exact measurements and layout o the floor.

Neighborhood information

Before you buy or rent a property with us , we present you with full information about the neighborhood's recent and upcoming developments .

Verified Properties

We make sure that all our properties are verified and approved by the government in all aspects of safety standards .